United Health Insurance Fund (OZOF) Doverie" ZAD is an insurance joint-stock company with the following activities: private health insurance; management of the funds accumulated by the installments of policy-holders; concluding commercial transactions accompaning health insurance activites, which do not contradict the normative requirements regarding the status and activity of the insurance companies and are not subject to other legal restrictions, licenses and permits.

The Company has a capital of BGN 4 600 000 divided into 46 000 ordinary dematerialized registered voting shares with a nominal value of BGN 100.00 each.

The Company cover:

  • (a) fixed amounts
  • (b) benefits
  • (c) a combination of the two above

Shareholders of the Company are:

1 "Doverie United-Holding" AD, possessing 98.15 %
2 "Momina Krepost AD", possessing 0.28 %
3 "TELSO" AD, possessing 1.57 %

Pursuant to §29 of the Transitional and Concluding Provisions of the Act on Amendments to the Law on Health Insurance (SG No. 60 of 07.08.2012) "United Health Insurance Fund (OZOF) Doverie" ZAD , has implemented its activity in compliance with the Insurance Code. Financial Supervision Commission by Decision No. 581-03 /22.07.2013 issued License certifying the company to carry out activity under item 1 and item 2 of Section II, letter A of Appendix 1 of the Insurance Code in connection with art. 83, para 1 and para. .2 of the Health Insurance Act for Accident and Disease Insurance.

After its commissioning in October 2005, Doverie Multi-profile Hospital, will handle all therapeutic activities for the insured persons residing in Sofia and all consultations at the national level as well. The insured persons from the rest of the country, may use the hospital services upon client's request.

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